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Barra de Potosí is a small fishing village on the Pacific coast, in Guerrero, Mexico.

If you love and respect nature, you may love Barra.  If it is tranquillity and a place away from the crowds that you seek, you may love Barra.  If it is a stretch of clean and isolated beach interrupted only by the birds and fish, you will love Barra.  If you want a Gin Fizz, fancy shops, and the like, it will not be for you.

It is still an original Mexican village of about 600 people.  The settlement is pure nature, with a virgin beach, and the lagoons aside.  There are no bars, disco's or shopping markets; life is still at basics.  The best you can find are the enramadas (palm leafed covered restaurants) on the beach, where you can relax in a hammock while watching the pelicans diving, have a drink and enjoy fresh seafood.  You can kayak in the bay or in the lagoon and watch the bird live there, horse ride on the beach, or go through a small piece of jungle to the other side of the hill, or clime the latter.

Barra means "Sand"bank.  The sea opens and closes the lagoon each half year.  The sand displacement is enormous, the sea takes it out and puts it back again a few weeks later.  The structure of the sand is a bit different than normal, it is more squared, and it makes noise when you move with the back of your feet while walking.  There is also black sand (Arena Azul), which comes from the mountains. 

Playa Blanca runs 9.5 km north along the coast from Barra de Potosí (the northern half of the beach is named Playa Larga, 3.5 km).  The entire bay (including both beaches) is named: Bahía el Potosí.

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